Man charged with reckless murder appears in court

Man charged with reckless murder appears in court

(WTVM) – The testimony began Wednesday in the trial of, Aubrey Weldon, a Lee County man charged with reckless murder, after the death of a Valley teen in a drunk driving accident.

Prosecutors told the jury in opening statements, back in August of 2013, defendant Aubrey Weldon, was mad because his credit card had just been declined at a gas station. When he got into his truck, he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs and sped away from the store along Lee County Road 270.

That's when investigators testified he ran a stop sign, crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic and hit another vehicle driven by valley teenager, Andrew Pugh.

Pugh, who was just 17 years old, was killed in the crash. State troopers say Weldon hit another vehicle in the accident. That driver was not injured.

Pugh's family was in court and they told News Leader 9's Elizabeth White how of a wonderful young man he was. He also had a girlfriend, was in the band and was looking forward to his senior year at Beaulah High School.

Testimony is expected to resume first thing Thursday morning at the Lee County Justice Center.

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