Mike Lutzenkirchen speaks at Auburn University

Mike Lutzenkirchen speaks at Auburn University

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Philip Lutzenkirchen's father Mike shared his "Lessons with Lutz" with the Auburn family on Wednesday, March 11.

Mike shared the whole story about his son, his kindness and compassion, and the mistakes Philip made that cost him his life.

"And we're not a family and I'm not a person that's ever been in a hole or wants to live in a hole, and Philip certainly wouldn't want me to be in that hole either, so it's hopefully making a difference for kids just to think about their own decisions and looking out for each other," Mike said.

Since his son died nine months ago, Mike's faith has grown stronger due to the signs from above he sees almost every day.

"My wife and I are driving on 285 up in Atlanta in heavy traffic and almost get hit by a trailer tractor and able to glance over quick enough to see he's coming in my lane and we get straightened out," Mike recalled. "Nothing happened. On the side of that trailer was number 43. There's so many little things and signs of that 43."

Philip was killed in a car accident in June 2014. He and the driver of the vehicle were both intoxicated and not wearing seat belts at the time of the accident.

"My son was a 23-year-old man, mature beyond his age because of Auburn University, representing this brand, getting in front of the media, going to media days twice," Mike said. "Phillip made the choice to do what he did that day. Phillip made the choice to get in that vehicle. So it was a grown man making that decision. I just don't want to see other kids make it."

Mike says his son swore by the Auburn creed like, thousands of other students and feels not enough of them are living up to its principles.

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