Testimony begins in Opelika sex abuse trial

Testimony begins in Opelika sex abuse trial

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - Testimony begins Thursday in the trial of an Opelika man who allegedly sexually abused 2 foster children in care of his mother.

In November 2012, investigators say Kenneth Robinson, 49, committed horrific offenses against two young girls while they were living with his mother in foster care.

Robinson was arrested on first-degree rape, sodomy and sexual abuse charges. Robinson was arrested back in June 2013 after a social worker contacted police, and the young girls picked Robinson out of a line-up as their attacker.

Opelika Police did not make the arrest public until five months later when News Leader 9 started asking question. We asked Chief of Police John McEachern then why the arrest was not made public.

"It was not the policy of the Opelika Police Department at the time to release identities of individuals who had been arrested on sex related crimes, but since that time, I have become police chief, and we are taking a look at that policy and making revisions so that police will release the names of individuals in sex related crimes to the public," McEachern in 2013.

McEachern also said even though sex assault suspects have not been convicted in a court of law, it is still in the public's best interest to be notified of an arrest in their community.

Investigators say at this point, there is no indication the foster mother knew anything about the alleged sexual abuse.

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