Military families affected by transition into civilian life

Military families affected by transition into civilian life

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - Soldiers aren't the only ones who need help transitioning from military to civilian life. The transition summit at Fort Benning is also helping spouses find satisfying career opportunities.

Things like military downsizing and spending time with their families are big concerns for soldiers lately, especially those looking for new civilian jobs.

The word "family" resonated at the Fort Benning job fair Thursday, and for many soldiers it's a big reason why they're looking for civilian jobs.

"Once my oldest son actually reached an age where he could actually start playing sports and stuff, I wanted to help coach. I wanted to be his coach," said veteran Chad Crawford.

While service members make the ultimate commitment to their country, another group makes the ultimate commitment to them.

Behind every great soldier, "There's always a great spouse," said Grisella James, a veteran and military wife. "The spouse is like the behind-the-scenes person, you know? You're that person that drives your soldier to be a better soldier."

Which is why organizations are also trying to help husbands and wives of military members find fulfilling careers.

"We talk to them about how to position yourself and how to talk about what you did taking care of the home, taking care of a family, taking care of all the finances," explained Phil Randazzo, founder of the American Dream U.

It's something that can be difficult with a spouse who's always on the move, explained Lt. Col. Steven George.

"Just like a service member a military spouse has multitudes of sacrifices beyond the obvious of just moving around and taking care of a household," Lt. Col. George said. "They also have to deal with a soldier that's going to training, a soldier that's deployed."

"You always figure a way, a lot of doors close for you but you just gotta keep moving, gotta keep trying," James said.

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