Testimony continues in fatal 2013 drunk driving accident

Testimony continues in fatal 2013 drunk driving accident

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - In a Lee County Courtroom, toxicology experts testified the man on trial for killing a Valley teen in a head-on crash tested positive for drugs and alcohol.

The jury heard three critical elements from the experts, investigators, and witnesses in court Thursday.

First, the defendant Aubrey Weldon was impaired.  Secondly, he lied about being the driver. Third and finally, he was driving although his license had been suspended.

Toxicology experts testified Weldon was impaired by a cocktail of drugs and alcohol the night of the fatal accident.

Several witnesses testified Weldon was speeding on Lee Road 270, ran a stop sign, crossed the center line and hit Beaulah High School Student Andrew Pugh head-on and another driver in August 2013.

That other driver, Tara Ingram, testified Weldon tried to lie and say he wasn't behind the wheel.

"He got out of the truck on the passenger side, saying he knew CPR and that he wasn't the driver, but I knew he was lying ‘cause I only saw him," Ingram said.

Investigators testified Weldon initially told them was not the driver but seat belt marks proved he was.

Weldon later admitted he was operating the vehicle even though his license was suspended.

Andrew Pugh's said he was a wonderful young man who was looking forward to his senior year at Beulah High. They are heartbroken over his death.

The case could go to the jury for deliberations Friday.

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