Allergy season pushes many to seek medical treatment

Allergy season pushes many to seek medical treatment

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Although Spring is right around the corner, seasonal allergies are already drawing sniffling crowds into offices across the valley.

"A lot of people have allergies and they know they have allergies, but they also don't realize how much trouble they're actually having, and they walk around all day sneezing and sniffling and they don't even pay as much attention to it because they feel it's just a part of their normal lives," said Dr. Robert Cartwright with The Allergy Center at Brookstone.

Doctors have a three-step treatment plan for patients: avoidance, medicine and shots, although some steps are proving tricky.

"Avoidance is tough when it's pollen because people have to go outside, they have to live their lives," Dr. Cartwright said.

Even though riding out Spring weather by staying inside isn't a realistic option for many, you can still prevent major flare ups.

Dr. Cartwright encourages patients to close their windows when at home, limit time outside, and re-circulate the air in your car instead of pulling air from the outside.

"We can definitely take good care of allergies, we have a lot of good medicines, treatments, allergy shots, but if we wait until people are flared up, then we have to pull out more significant medicines and really it becomes more difficult to get them back to normal," he said.

If left untreated, allergies can worsen, sometimes to the point of leading to sinus and ear infections, severe asthma, or skin infections.

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