Key bills up for debate in Georgia's Crossover Day

Key bills up for debate in Georgia's Crossover Day

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Georgia Senate and House lawmakers are in Atlanta Friday, deciding which proposed bills will make it through the Georgia legislature.

The deadline is midnight.

For cross-over day, it's the last day a bill can pass out of one chamber in order to be considered by the other before the legislative session comes to an end. Senate bill 63 is up for debate which will allow the sale of craft beer on the premises of a beer manufacturer.

"I believe in free markets and I think the various stakeholders in this industry, the brewers and the wholesalers come together with a responsible compromise, so I'll be supporting Senate Bill 63," said Senator Josh McKoon.

Allowing for the use of clinical trials on cannabis oil for children with seizure disorders is one of the most controversial Senate bills hoping to make it's way through the house.

Senate Bill 18 also hoping to stay alive will let service members receive college credit for their military experience at any technical college in Georgia.

Senator Ed Harbison, the main sponsor of the bill, thinks this will be beneficial in a state with a big military presence.

"We're prayful that bill will move forward from the senate to the house and hopefully it will go to the committee process and signed by the governor," said Senator Harbison.

And, the house committee wants to get several bills to the governor's desk. Specifically House bill 131 focused on cyber-bullying.

"I want to add cyber-bullying to our existing bullying law. So that the students who are victims of cyber bullying will have recourse and administrators will be able to incorporate that into their policies so they can keep our children safe," said Carolyn Hugley.

House lawmakers will also debate whether to expand the number of locations where the electric car, Tesla can sell directly to Georgians.

If a bill passes both chambers, it will eventually go to Governor to be signed into law.

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