2 Columbus teens charged with home invasion appear in court

2 Columbus teens appear in court

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The two teens ages 14 and 15 were in handcuffs as their mothers were in tears during court.

Wiping her tears, one of the boys mother says she can't believe what happened and that her son is not a criminal.

But, he and his friend are now facing felony charges.

Lee Jones,55, says he heard a loud noise in the wee hours of Saturday March 14 around 3 a.m. The thump wasn't thunder as he thought and it was indeed his back door being kicked in.

That's how the intruders got inside his Aaron Drive home. Lee, his wife and two children were asleep. But then the victims and the perpetrators came face to face.

"I said get out and he said why, and I walked towards him and he said you might not want to do that. Then I stepped back and he took my son's Xbox and left," Lee Jones said the owner of the home.

Hill says there's no way the duo could have walked from Elizabeth Canty apartments on Cusseta Road to St. Mary's Road.

She says someone had to have driven them there, which is more than five miles. The suspects were caught red handed with the Xbox 360 and Xbox Kinect walking down St. Mary's Road two hours later.

The preliminary hearing was closed to the public, but the next formal hear will be open.

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