Tom Joyner Morning show stops in Columbus during tour

Tom Joyner Morning show stops in Columbus during tour

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As part of a nationwide tour, the popular radio show "The Tom Joyner Morning Show" stopped in the Fountain City on Monday to give back to the community and listen to fans.

The crew also broadcasted live in Columbus from the Davis Broadcasting studios on channel 92.7.

Tom Joyner, Sybil Wilkes and Jay Anthony Brown hosted a private meet and greet at the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center as part of their "Meet Every Listener" tour.

Special guests, including soldiers, were able to meet the team in a special event in town.

"We're at 105 cities. So our goal is to go to all 105 cities and hug, kiss, and do selfies with everyone there that listens to the show," Joyner explained.

While here in Columbus, The TJMS fed 92 listeners and 92 soldiers at the Old School K92 Barbeque. Joyner is part of a Veterans Education program that helps soldiers in education, counseling and support services.

"It feels great, for all they do. The least I can do is feed them," said Joyner.

"The military has a mission just like everybody else and anytime we can get recognition for what it is that we are doing. It gets our message out to the community that much better," said Major Chris Calloway.

For more than 20 years, listeners in the Columbus area say they enjoy waking up every morning waiting for their source for news, music and information helpful to the African American community.

"With Tom Joyner and his crew, I feel like not only are they entertaining but they are candid. They get the message out in a honest and respectful way," said Calloway.

"I know he's always serving the community, I was invited out and thought I saw hello and support the troops," said Calvin Smyre, Georgia House of Representatives.

The Tuskegee native and his crew says it's the fans that keeps them going day after day.

"I been to Columbus before doing comedy shows. This is love, just an extension of what we do on the radio show," Jay Anthony Brown, radio personality.

"The hugs, the kisses, the love. The love keeps me going. Look at this. This is the kind of love I get everyday," said Joyner.

Of course 92.7 Davis Broadcasting, is News Leader 9 media partner. They sponsored this stop of the Tom Joyner Morning Show tour.

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