Muscogee County School Board approves plan to aid salary compressions

Muscogee County School Board approves plan to aid salary compressions

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Salary compression issues were a top priority for Superintendent David Lewis when he first came to Muscogee County.

Monday, March 16, the school board unanimously passed his two step plan that will affect over 2,000 district employees.

"The plan we are presenting this evening moves us toward a true systemic fix regarding that situation as opposed to putting a band aid on it. So this is a step in the right direction," explains Lewis.

Step one of the plan will use internal resources to analyze and plan out a tiered increase proposal, to start the correction process to release this compression for longer service employees.

Step two will require continued adjustments, as well as a total redesign of the system using outside compensation consultation.

Lewis says new employees in the district are making relatively the same amount as people who have been the system for eight or ten years.

“As the funds become available in the next several weeks it is our hope for us to take the plan as far forward as we can," says Lewis.

Also, construction will soon be underway at Shaw High School to construct paved access driveways and sidewalks to sports fields, as well as handicap accessibility to gym entrance doors and handicap access to toilets.

Warr Grading Contractor, Inc. was awarded the bid and the project budget was increased $79,000.

The board also approved a resolution recognizing April as “Month of the Military Child.”

More than 1.7 million American children under the age of 18 have at least one parent serving in the military.

Since 1986, the Department of Defense has teamed with various partners to recognize the sacrifices and applaud the courage of military children.

The district will also be applying for the Kennedy Center's Any Given Child initiative.

The goal of the Kennedy Center's Any Given Child initiative is to ensure that all young people in the community have access to a complete, affordable arts education in music, dance, drama, visual and digital/media arts.

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