Man accused of murdering daughter's boyfriend testifies in court

Man accused of killing daughter's abusive boyfriend

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - An Opelika associate pastor took the stand as he was on trial for murder, accused of killing his daughter's abusive boyfriend.

Timothy Williams testified in August of 2012, he knew the victim, Leon Grady had assaulted his daughter, but he says he wasn't too upset about it because they always fought.

Williams testified saying the assault certainly wasn't a motive for murder as the prosecution was trying to paint for the jury.

"He wrestled me to the ground and he was hitting me like a madman. Then all of a sudden I saw him pull a gun and it was at me and I just pushed it away from me like that and then it just went off," Williams said.

Williams also said as a pastor he likes to drive around town and witness to people and the day Grady was shot, he was driving around town with a friend.

He saw Grady and pulled over to talk to him about his daughter and their fight then

Williams went home after the shooting, two hours later be turned himself into police.

Investigators did not recover the gun used in the fatal shooting.

We've heard testimony from several witnesses, one saying Williams did shoot his daughter's boyfriend.

Every other witness said they saw the fight, heard the gun shot, but did not see who pulled the gun or who fired.

It's easy to see why Williams'' first murder trial ended in a mistrial when the jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict.

This jury is expected to begin their deliberations Wednesday.

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