Auburn moratorium in information gathering stage

Auburn moratorium in information gathering stage

(WTVM) - Last month the Auburn City Council passed a six-month moratorium after the community voiced their concerns and frustrations about the construction of large apartment complexes.

Now officials are in the process of updating a market-rate analysis study, while city leaders review existing multi-family housing.

"That's why the city passed the moratorium because they weren't sure the regulations we had in place were sufficient for what was going to be built for the future of Auburn," explains Auburn City Manager Charlie Duggan.

City officials will look to see if large multi-family unit developments belong in the university service zone or the part of the city east of College Street.

The 2012 study suggested adding 300 to 400 beds per year and since that time nearly twice as many have been built or approved.

"Overall I think we're going to get a picture of where we're going with multiple unit development and see if there are more studies council wants us to do after this project is complete," says Duggan.

The new complex, 160 Ross, sparked a heated debate among residents over the past several months.

City planners will look at surrounding areas and see if modifications could be made outside the university service zone.

"By that time we hope to have some really good information and recommendations for the city council to consider to possibly change some zoning if it's warranted or come up with some new zones," explains Duggan.

The staff meets every two weeks to review the project.

They are still in the information-gathering stage and the next update will be presented to council in April.

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