Columbus residents give feedback at mayor's forum

Columbus residents give feedback at mayor's forum

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It was time to have a talk with the mayor.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson held her first "Let's Talk with the Mayor" forum for the year on Thursday, March 19.

Several residents, city officials and directors attended the forum at Key Elementary school in south Columbus.

Residents voiced their questions and concerns about several roads projects and neighborhood parking violations as well as weapons in schools. 

Several projects planned for the south side of town, like a new Spencer High School, dominated the conversation

"You are about to see in this area that will be near the Spencer High School tremendous neighborhood growth and evolving," Mayor Tomlinson said. "It is going very exciting."   

There will be three more "Let's Talk with the Mayor" forums. A full list can be found at this link

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