CSU student appears in court after dispute involving BB gun

CSU student appears in court after dispute involving BB gun

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus State University student was arrested Thursday and charged with a felony after an investigation determined he was on campus with a BB gun that looked like a real weapon.

CSU Chief of Police Rus Drew said the gun looked so real that it could've created a dangerous situation if police arrived while he was holding it.

The initial 911 call that led to Thursday's arrest came just after 11:30 a.m. Wednesday when a witness called 911 to report a dispute in the CSU parking garage between a woman and a man with a gun.

CSU Police officers responded to the main campus garage and identified 20-year-old Jevan Anthony Billinger as the person reported to have had the gun.

As officers conducted their initial investigation, they determined Billinger was having a dispute with his girlfriend, who is also a CSU student. The dispute was reported to have originated at a gas station off campus.

The woman told police that once they were on campus, Billinger opened the glove box to his car, and she saw a black and silver handgun. She reported that as the dispute continued, Billinger removed the gun from the car, prompting her to call 911. The female stated that Billinger threatened her if she did not get off the phone.

"It would have created a very dangerous situation for him and the responding officers," Chief Drew said.

Although the gun turned out to be a BB gun, police are still taking the situation serious.

"There is no marking on this gun, that shows it to be a toy. There is no orange tip on the barrel. So it has the normal weight and dimensionss of a traditional hand gun," Chief Drew said. 

"Yeah they are for fun, I shoot BB guns every once in a while, but using them to threaten someone iscompletelyy over my head that someone would do that," said Marcelo Henry, CSU student. 

When police recovered a paintball gun from Billinger's vehicle, he was later released. No one was injured during the dispute. 

A short time after the incident, a student passing by the area called CSU Police to report he had found a gun between the parking garage and the Frank G. Lumpkin Center. CSU Police officers responded and recovered a black and silver Daisy .177 caliber BB gun. In a follow up interview, the woman in Wednesday's dispute identified the recovered BB gun as the weapon Billinger had brandished.

Officers then went back to interview Billinger, who admitted to possessing the BB gun on campus. 

Billinger was then arrested and charged with one count of possession of a weapon within a school safety zone and one count of terroristic threats, both of which are felony charges. 

Police tell us Billinger appeared in Recorder's Court on Friday, March 20, and the charge of terroristic threats was dropped because the victim did not show up for court. 

He is out on $5,000 bond, and the case has been sent to Superior Court.

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