Thunder in the Valley 2015 draws heavy crowds

Thunder in the Valley 2015 draws heavy crowds

(WTVM/WXTX) - Children at Thunder in the Valley were ready for some high-flying action! Just how excited?

"Super excited, like I was on my first day of Kindergarten," said five-year-old Jackson Barry.

With an estimated more than 10,000 guests, Thunder in the Valley is drawing all types of crowds.

John Henley, a guest at the event, took a road trip to be there. "I live in Hatteisburg Mississippi, 350 miles from here. I come here every year for the air show," he said.

"We come here to see the bus and eat funnel cakes and have a good time," said Tammy Davis, another attendee.

The Thunder in the Valley once had what organizers are calling big military jet teams, but military budget cuts over the last three years have kept the event a little more low key.

Despite cut-backs, helicopters and high-speed aircrafts still wowed guests.

However packing the event with performances and flights isn't the only thing coordinators have to juggle annually. As people enjoy the sunny day, expected rainy weather could but a damper on tomorrow's events.

Last year when organizers dealt with a complete rain-out, ticket sales were still strong enough to donate $45,000 to charity.

"If it's just drizzle, rain drizzle, whatever, we'll be here, the show will go on. As long as they can fly we'll be here," said Robert Kemp with the event.

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Thunder in the Valley ran from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 21 and and was cancelled on Sunday, March 22 due to inclement weather.

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