Cannabis oil bill heads to Governor Deal for approval

Cannabis oil bill heads to Governor Deal for approval

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The controversial cannabis oil bill is one step from becoming a law in Georgia.

This week, Senate and House lawmakers gave the green light for cannabis oil to be used as a treatment for certain medical conditions.

Lawmakers have worked for almost two years to get some form of a cannabis oil bill passed.

Supporters say cannabis oil will be beneficial to children and adults with life-threatening medical conditions.

Hundreds of people who may need cannabis oil for treatment, are one step closer to making it a reality in Georgia. House Bill one passed the senate and house this week.

"One of the amendments that was added in committee and the senate was they did put a one year residency law. So there won't be huge group pf people coming," said Dale Jackson.

Certain conditions like seizures, cancer, sickle cell anemia, and Crohn's disease are just some of the medical conditions that can be treated with the oil. Dale Jackson son is autistic. His fighting to have that condition added to the bill next year.

"We're going to be fighting for autism, fibromyalgia and PTSD which is prevalent here," Jackson said.

Georgia residents would have permission to use cannabis oil from other states as long as it is obtained legally. A LaGrange woman with seizures, left Georgia for Colorado until the cannabis oil is legal in Georgia.

"There are some states that have legalized medical marijuana. Meaning marijuana that is distributed by a pharmacy or clinic, medically grade that you literally smoked. This bill is strictly oil, there is no smoking what so ever," Jackson said.

The passing of the bill will also help to discover the benefits of cannabis oil use.

"The bill that passed yesterday includes that clinical trial. It will be FDA studied and approved," Jackson said.

Once the bill is law, it will still take time before the cannabis oil usage can start legally.

"They have to create the doctor recommendation form, you have to register with the state to get your card," said Jackson.

There are 23 other states that have not yet legalized any form of marijuana. Governor Deal is expected to sign the bill into law by Friday.

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