Preventing termites in the spring

Preventing termites in the Spring

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's officially spring and as the warm weather approaches, it's a good time for homeowners to look out for pesky insects that could cause major damage.

Termites are more common in the spring. They start forming new colonies, causing up to $5 billion in structure damage every year.

"What will happen this time of the year, homeowners will get home from work typically late in the evening and they'll come home to a lot of dead swarmers inside their house. Sometimes all they find are wings and it's an indication that termites have found their way through the structure," Pate said.

Jody Pate with Arrow Exterminators said termites are much like ants because they have a queen who assigns workers to go out and get food.

"Workers are the only ones actually finding the food as far as eating the wood and bringing it back to the queen  to redistribute the soldiers actually protect the worker termites as they as they're actually working and consuming wood and cellulose."

These colonies can get up to a million members in size.

Most home insurance does not cover termite damage, and Pate said it's important to get an annual inspection from a licensed professional.

Pate added his company installs a Sentricon termite baiting system for continuous home protection.

"Once they start feeding on it again the workers take that bait back to the nest to the colony below ground the queen takes it and redistributes it throughout the colony and it kills the entire colony," Pate said. 

Just remember in the Southeast, termites never really stop because it doesn't get cold enough to slow the population but there are common preventative measures to keep them from investing your property. 

Termites also follow moisture so if you have moisture concerns you should fix them as soon as possible.

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