Pine Mountain ministry renovates cabins to provide temporary housing to those in need

Pine Mountain ministry renovates cabins to provide temporary housing to those in need

PINE MOUNTAIN, GA (WTVM) - A local church group in Pine Mountain is refurbishing cabins to provide temporary housing to those who have fallen on hard times.

Co-founders of The Rock Outreach Ministries, Terry Hinkle and Don Primrose, say they just wanted to do something that mattered.

The ministry said it will be a blessing when the cabins are completed because they receive calls almost daily from people in need of a place to stay.

"We came up and were in awe just to see these cabins and to have your own space. It was like being at home," said current resident Mark Shortt.

Out of work and down on their luck, Shortt and his wife were living out of their van three months ago.

One night at a warming station in LaGrange, they were introduced to The Rock Outreach Ministry who offered the couple a place to stay.

"The three months we've been here has been a chance for us to relax and to get focused. I've found work. It just gives you the opportunity and resources to get back on your feet," explained Shortt.

Co-founders of the Rock, Terry Hinkle and Don Primrose, have been hard at work with the help of numerous volunteers, refurbishing the 11 cabins that used to be a part of a resort.

"If everybody in this world would take the time and put the hatred aside and just try to help on person without a pat on the back, this world would be a much better place," said Hinkle.

The cabins were donated by S.E.E. The American Dream and the group is giving the old cabins everything from new paint to new floors.

"Why they are here they are out guest and we want them to feel like they are our guest, not like they are in a shelter or they are crammed anywhere. We want them to have a place so they can survive and come out in to the community and be viable again," explained Primrose.

The Shortts are thankful for a second chance.

"It's just unbelievable. They are good people. They practice what they preach. As long as they see that you're trying they'll bend over backwards and I can't thank them enough," Short said.

If you are interested in the temporary housing or would like to make a donation, you can call Terry Hinkle with the Rock Outreach Ministry at (706) 594-7010 or email

You can also visit to learn more about the organization.

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