'Tax Time' couple issued 57-count indictment; could go to trial

'Tax Time' couple issued 57-count indictment; could go to trial

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM/WXTX) –A Columbus couple who were accused and arrested for fraudulently documenting more than 2,000 tax returns to the tune of $2 million were hit with a 57-count indictment.

The charges, issued on Wednesday in Muscogee County Superior Court, state that Ken and Lakeisha Degourville have been charged with several counts of identity fraud, filing false documents, computer forgery, and also evasion of income tax and theft by taking.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Alonza Whitaker told News Leader 9 the returns were filed over the past three years. He adds the individual client is responsible for paying the money back.

"It's best they contact the Department of Revune and work something out because they are liable. Every tax payer signs the bottom of their tax return saying the information received is accurate," Whitaker said.

The couple were arrested on Nov. 17 after a six-month investigation by the Georgia Department of Revenue led to a raid at the Tax Time business, formerly located on Macon Road.

The District Attorney's office said the arrests came after the Alabama Department of Revenue found irregularities in one of the Alabama returns filed by Tax Time.

Tax Time's personal Identification number was under a close microscope following the findings. Officials also found more discrepancies going back three years.

Following their arrest, a number of homes and cars belonging to the couple were seized.

Whitaker said the couple will be arraigned in the next two weeks and could potentially go to trial.

The couple will be arraigned in the next two weeks. If they decide to go to trial they could make it to the trail docket in the next 60 to 90 days.