LaGrange's 1st black female police officer retires

Lagrange's 1st black female police officer retires

LAGRANGE, GA (WTVM) - The LaGrange Police Department's first black female officer has retired after 39 years of service.

Cora Scott was hired in 1976.

In a

, LPD called her a longtime employee and friend.

"Her work has been exemplary and helped the department receive national accreditation and state certification," the post stated. "We'll miss her tremendously and congratulate her on her retirement."

Cora Jones-Scott is finally getting a chance to relax after a spending almost 4 decades in law enforcement.

"39 years and 2 months. That' s a long time," said Jones-Scott.

At only 26 years old, it wasn't a career she intended to have.

"When I went in for an interview, he tried to convince me that "Hey you don't want to be a dispatcher. I would like to have you for a police lady."

Starting as a meter maid, writing tickets in downtown LaGrange, Scott held many other positions as an officer including becoming a corporal with the department.

"I was like a clerk next to my judge and also a police and security officer in the court, a warrant officer. It never stopped," said Scott.

Along with her accomplishments, she also endured some trying times while wearing her uniform.

"I felt like I had been discriminated against and I had to file a lawsuit. I went through a lot of stuff back in those days. It was not easy, first black female in the city of Lagrange," said Scott.

Wednesday was her official last day with the LaGrange police department. She's already missing those things that are all to familiar.

"My coworkers, first of all. Going to the place, greeting people being there and being around the same ole same ole everyday," said Scott.

From her journey, she hopes in inspire other females to accomplish whatever goals they may have.

During her many years of service, she was also busy raising a family. Her husband, a former firefighter in LaGrange past away 12 years ago.

Now in retirement, Cora Jones-Scott is taking more time for hobbies like gardening, fishing and planning a trip to Las Vegas.

"He was the love of my life. And besides that I have kids. I have a son and a daughter. I lost one daughter in childbirth and I been through a lot but I preserved. I got over it," said Scott.

Cora Jones-Scott official last day on the job was Wednesday. The police department gave her a special retirement ceremony Thursday.

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