GA armed Good Samaritan stops alleged bank robber

GA armed Good Samaritan stops alleged bank robber

MARIETTA, GA (WAGA/CNN) - A bank robber doesn't get away thanks to a customer who boldly stepped in to stop the crime.

It happened at a Wells Fargo Bank in metro Atlanta on March 26, where authorities say 25-year-old Mark Katchem walked into the bank, and slipped a note to the teller demanding money.

A customer, who was inside, noticed what was going on, followed the alleged crook out the door, then ran to his car and grabbed his gun.

Police say the customer ordered Katchem to the ground and held him there at gunpoint until police arrived.

"I know the way he was standing, his stance, he was in control of situation," witness Nick Daley said.

"It's amazing because we need to know that regular everyday people is willing to stand up for us. It's awesome. It's great. I wish more people would do that," neighbor Charise Debarros said.

When police arrived, they arrested Katchem and charged him with robbery by intimidation. The armed Good Samaritan's identity has not been released.

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