WTVM Editorial 3/27/15: The gift of giving housing

WTVM Editorial 3/27/15: The gift of giving need-based housing

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – For families facing extreme economic hardship, rebuilding their lives free from emotional and financial stress can be an exhausting, always difficult process.

Many don't succeed.

That's why the recent gift of housing from S.E.E., The South East Enterprise Group, a property rental and management company in Columbus, is so special.

S.E.E., which uses the slogan "SEE the American Dream" stepped up, along with The Rock Outreach Ministries to provide former rental cabins in Pine Mountain as temporary but very welcome housing for those in need.

The homes will give couples like Mark Shortt and his wife a chance to make a fresh start, find a new job and know they have a secure place to call home as they put their lives back on the right track.

Rock Ministries rehabbed the property given by S.E.E., a great example of a private company - nonprofit partnership that works. The renovated cabins will give 11 families a roof over their head, free from worry.

The Rock Outreach also helps victims of domestic violence with safe housing.

Getting a second chance for a good life is a priceless gift.

We appreciate the efforts of S.E.E. And Rock Outreach and always welcome the chance to tell the "good news" stories like this one that shows people working together to make our area a wonderful place to live.


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