Columbus group rallies against controversial religious freedom bill

Columbus group rallies against controversial religious freedom bill

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Colgay PRIDE group held a rally on Tuesday at the Columbus Government Center against a Georgia bill similar to


State Senator Josh McKoon introduced the bill known as the Religious Restoration Act in early March.

Protesters say the act will allow business owners to discriminate against gays, lesbians, and transgendered people using their religious beliefs as an excuse.

We spoke with rally organizer Jeremy Hobbs, who discussed what Colgay plans to do next.

"Until this bill is completely demolished. As Senator McKoon said last night, it's already on the House floor," Hobbs said. "It can be used in 2016. We have go to towards ending hatred, ending bigotry, ending discrimination of bills of this type."

The meeting was held as part of many rallies across the state of Georgia as the Capitol Call Out.

Meanwhile, McKoon stresses that similar laws are already on the books in many other states with no problems and that the longer the bill takes to pass, the more misinformation about it will spread.

"It makes sure that if a government mistreats a person of faith, that when they take them to the courthouse that judge is going to use the highest legal standard to determine whether their religious liberty was violated," McKoon said. "That's it."

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