Juvenile Drug Court hosts graduation ceremony

Juvenile Drug Court hosts graduation ceremony

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - There was a celebration as several Columbus youths achieved quite an accomplishment.

Nine students graduated from the Juvenile Drug Court Program in Columbus at the government center on Tuesday.

The program works with at-risk teens in keeping them drug free.

Students were given certificates and medals for all of their hard work. The program takes about one year to complete, but some finished sooner.

Judge Warner Kennon says families are so thankful to have the program in the community.

"The parents I know, I had one not long ago who said thank you for giving me my child back," Kennon said. "Usually you can't deal with the other issues in family life and in delinquency as long as the drug use is going on."

Students who graduate from the program will also have their records expunged.

Families celebrated with cake and refreshments following the graduation.

To find out more about the Drug Court Program you can contact Judge Kennon at the Juvenile Court Office.

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