Vendors speak on the closing of Front Porch of the South

Vendors speak on the closing of Front Porch of the South

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - We're continuing to follow a developing story in Columbus, digging into why one of the largest antique malls in the southeast is closing.

The owners didn't say much other than it was a business decision they had to make.

Vendors that have used the place say they enjoyed their experience here.

As the news continues to spread of the closing of the Front Porch of South, vendors are having to pack up and leave, to sell their stuff at another venue.

"If people wanted to see my items they knew where to go. But hopefully they can bounce back and relocate or maybe change the name or something. It was a great idea as far as having it," Kimi Edwards said.

Kimi Edwards has been selling jewelry at Front Porch, which is one of the largest indoor antique malls in the southeast.

She says the building can hold more than 400 vendors.

"At one point I had a large booth out there. I was out there everyday until I downgraded to something smaller, which was a showcase that I currently still have out there," Edwards said.

And because of decreasing sales, the thought of closing her showcase has come across her mind before.

"But I can't say that I was not going to pull out from it. Because I wasn't making any sales in these past few months through there," Edwards explained.

So far, customers continue to shop at the antique mall.

There are no signs posted yet of the closing, but vendors have until May 1st to clear out.

"I think a lot of times people thought everything was used in there and it wasn't. There were vendors there with new items, new things," Edwards said.

The event center will honor all venue request until they close.

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