Columbus church depicts road to crucifixion with 'Passion Walk'

Columbus church depicts road to crucifixion with 'Passion Walk'

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - People of different faiths around the country and here at home are marking this holy week which for many culminates on Easter Sunday.

Christians mark the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday and those of the Jewish faith are beginning eight days of Passover.

Bloodied from head to toe, struggling to carry a cross to Calvary, Kingdom Faith Outreach Ministries performed their annual 'Passion Walk.'

"For me to be able to do this is trying to get more people involved in the church," said church member Quintin Brown. "That's really what I'm here for."

The passion walk started years ago in Phenix City before the church moved to Columbus. This is one of their many events leading up to Resurrection Sunday.

"Jesus is the reason for the season. Not the bunny rabbits, not the eggs, but just to worship God. The resurrection if what's important. Bringing people back to the cross," said Bishop Veronica Word Haynes.

Their display for all to see was a 40-minute journey starting at K-Mart on Macon Road, to the WTVM studios on Wynnton Road and back.

"There's many that are taking pictures, they'll get outside their cars and come outside the business. It's taking it from closed environment to an open environment," said Haynes.

Quintin Brown plays the roles of Jesus in the walk.

"He was a very courageous man to stand up and something like this when everyone is going the other way," said Brown.

Like the man he's portraying, Brown says the focus is helping and saving people outside the church, which is why they go beyond the four walls for this walk.

"I been out of church for awhile and been back about a year, so to be given this opportunity to play Jesus in the Passion of the Christ can be overwhelming," said Brown.

Kingdom Faith Outreach Ministries have performed the passion walk for the last eight years. People were honking, waving, and stopping to take pictures on busy Macon Road.

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