Day one of road closures on Whittlesey Road

Day one of road closures on Whittlesey Road


Being stuck in traffic at the end of a long work day isn't something most people like, but if you're traveling down a portion of Whittlesey Road in Columbus during rush hour, you might have an even longer ride home.

"Being a regular commuter, when I turn out the dealership and go on Whittlesey Road, it's usually pretty backed up at certain hours of the day," said Erin Williams, manger of the nearby business Nissan Headquarters.

Monday, April 6 marks day one of 45 days of construction. 

"This is a widening project to accommodate more cars in this corridor this is a project that has been planned by the city of Columbus and Georgia DOT for several years," said Walter Dorsey, Columbus Traffic and Engineering Manager.

Expanding water drainage culverts here is a city wide project to improve roads and make commuting a little easier.

"It's adding lanes, it's doing intersection improvement, new traffic signals," Dorsey said.

It's something some nearby businesses understand. 

"We're actually looking forward, maybe not to this little part of it, but we know it's necessary to get to the overall goal which is to increase commuter convenience for this area," Williams said.

"There's temporary inconveniences but people understand that. We're just asking for their patience during these times when it is inconvenient knowing that when the project is complete, there will be a lot less congestion, a lot more smoother flow of traffic," Dorsey said.

While the detour may tack on extra minutes to get to your destination, major surrounding roads are still open and expected to help keep the flow of traffic moving.

"Whitesville Road is a major roadway in Columbus, so hopefully convenience is not impaired too much for our customers,"Williams said.

This overall road improvement project, by the Georgia Department of Transportation and city of Columbus, started in 2013 and is expected to continue for another year.

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