Owner speaks out after business burns down

Owner speaks out after business burns down

(WTVM) - News Leader 9 was first on the scene of a massive fire in Lee County last week, and now one of the owners of the destroyed businesses is speaking out.

Jerry Mills, owner of Alabama Rock, says he and his workers were on site at time of the fire.

"I was sitting there paying some bills and the power went off," Mills recalls.

Mills then went outside to check things out.

"When I went back towards the building I saw smoke coming from the other side of the building," he said.

Within a matter of minutes, that smoke turned into an out-of-control fire.

He says he called 911 and it took about 20 minutes for the Smiths Station Fire Department to arrive.

“Called 911 and myself and the coworkers grabbed the computers out of the office," Mills said.

By the time his crew moved the trailers away from the blaze, Mills says it was too late – he couldn't go back inside. He was able to salvage two PC's from the fire that contained important financial records.

Mills says he lost about $30,000 worth of inventory like wiring and lights used to replace trailer parts.

Mills says even though he lost thousands of dollars of inventory in the fire, he he's counting his blessings. Because of the first location he already had, he's still able to stay in business.

"And we're very blessed that we had some place that we can continue our business," he said. "We didn't have to let any employees go, just brought everybody over here."

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