Protecting your vehicle during pollen season

Protecting your vehicle during pollen season

(WTVM) - It's that time of year when pollen is giving your cars a nuclear-green glow, and you may think it's pointless to wash that pollen off because it comes right back.

Even though the yellow-green dust can be a nuisance, professional car washers in our area say you shouldn't let the pollen stick around on your vehicles.

"This time of year between the tree pollen and grass pollen there is 2 or 3 times a week to not let it stick to your vehicle, it's just that time of season," said Travis with Phenix City Express Wash.

"People should get their cars washed, at least try to get it washed every week if not every other week and get a little wax on your cars," added K.B. and Alex with Trendsetters Auto Salon.

Rain can sometimes bring a little relief for your car and those who suffer with allergies, but not always.

It sometimes breaks the allergens into smaller pieces, making them easier to get in your nose.

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