Residents not thrilled about possibly having fewer trash pickup days

Residents not thrilled about possibly having fewer trash pickup days

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Trash pickup could soon be changing in Columbus.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson presented her

which includes reducing the number of days garbage is collected.

Right now, the garbage trucks make four trips a week to each house in Columbus – two days for household trash, once for recyclables, and one trip for yard waste.

Tuesday and Fridays are Terrance Blue's regular trash pickup days, but if the mayor gets her way, Blue will get one day of trash collection instead of two.

"We've kind of gotten used to have the two-day pickup," said Blue, whose household of four includes a 1-year-old in diapers.

"One day a week trash pickup will cause us to have more trash buildup but hey if they do it, we'll find a way around it," Blue said.

One woman we spoke with didn't want her identity revealed, but she spoke her opinion.

"I don't think it's fair," said the woman. "We are already paying a lot and we'll have to pay the same for less days."

Mayor Tomlinson's budget indicated the cuts as necessary to bring Columbus' waste program collection more in line with the region and state and to offset a $12.6 million urgent capital replacement needed for 56 worn out garbage trucks.

"We just don't have the money for that and one thing that we can do is reduce the level of service that's customary to this country," Mayor Tomlinson said.

In the mayor's budget proposal, she listed several cities with higher monthly fees for twice a week garbage that charge significantly more than the $15 a month Columbus residents pay.

The budget proposal process will start next week, and council must approve the budget.

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