Community leaders host walk for Anti-Bully Campaign

Community leaders host walk for Anti-Bully Campaign

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A walk took place in Uptown Columbus Saturday morning to help stop bullying.

The Anti-Bully Campaign is a collective effort of concerned community leaders who are interested in improving the quality of education for kids in the community and worldwide.

They addressed issues such as harassment, abuse and other emotional and physical violence.

"We're walking actually from 10th street and Front Street and ending up in Phenix City side to Broad Street and Dillingham. We decided to do the walk to express and to show the children in the surrounding areas that we support them. And that someone's around to listen to them whose on their team," Latisha Littleton stated, CEO of no Bully Zone Campaign.

The No Bully Zone Campaign consisted of young adults and victims of bullying as well as others who want to use their voice to speak out against bullying.

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