Friend of Phenix City shooting victim speaks out

Friend of Phenix City shooting victim speaks out
A man is dead and another person injured after gunshots erupted in Phenix City Monday morning. There is no word from Phenix City investigators yet on any suspects or surveillance video.

What officers do have are a lot of unanswered questions and a concerned community. 

"They need to stop with all this violence, all the gang stuff needs to go," said Elroy Castille, a friend of 29-year-old murder victim Leon Harmon.

Balloons are flying at the Richardson Lounge on Seale Road to remember Harmon as his death hits loved ones hard.

"He gone, little girl ain't got a father," said Castille. 

The now-quiet street was filled with police Monday morning at about 2 a.m. because of the shooting. Harmon was pronounced dead just before 3 a.m. at Midtown Medical Center after being shot multiple times.

"People need to stop being scared, putting their guns up, you're so scared, you're so hard but you need a pistol, you're so hard but you need a pistol," said Castille.

Friends of Harmon are angry over what they say is a growing crime problem in the area.

PHENIX CITY, AL - "Somebody got killed at the Davis lounge, two people got killed right here at the Barbershop, and now it's right here. That's not even a mile down the street," said Castille.

Employees of the club tell us Monday's shooting happened across the street at the Dollar General which was earlier roped off by police. They claim the club was closed at 1:45 a.m. before the latest shooting and say they keep their location safe with a 12-person security team.

Reports say Richardson Lounge is also where a 2010 shooting happened, but owners also defended their business back then. 

"This wasn't premeditated, or a targeted attack. This happened outside in our parking facility which we have no control over once the venue was closed," said Victor Richardson in 2010.

"He got a little girl. They don't think about the kids. Had custody of the baby, great father, hardworking man, didn't bother nobody... didn't bother nobody," said Castille.

The second victim injured was treated for one gunshot wound and has since been released from Midtown Medical Center. Phenix City investigators say the situation is still under investigation. 

Harmon's body has been sent to the Alabama Department of Forensic Science in Montgomery for further analysis.

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