World-renowned kayaker rides the rapids in Columbus

World-renowned kayaker rides the rapids in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Whitewater enthusiasts in the Chattahoochee Valley got a visit from one of the country's premiere whitewater rafters on Wednesday.

Internationally known kayaker Pat Keller visited Outside World Outfitters in downtown Columbus before trying out the river's whitewater rapids.

Keller, who was named the 2014 Male Paddler of the Year by

Canoe & Kayak Magazine

, said he's been hearing about the rapids in Columbus and was excited to finally get to experience them.

"I'd been hearing about the Columbus White Water Park… that it was a lot of fun to paddle in and that I should come down and check it out because it's a nice Southern hospitality zone and that the water's really warm," Keller said. "This is a pretty optimal environment where everything flushes to the bottom. There's big exciting waves but they're all really fun."

Event organizers say getting such a famous kayaker to come ride the rapids speaks volumes about the whitewater course here in Columbus.

The WhiteWater Express in Columbus is also the


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