Relatives of Marquise Shivers speak on recent murder arrest

Relatives of Marquise Shivers speak on recent murder arrest

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It could be one step closer to justice for a man gunned down in December.

A murder suspect gives up and turns himself in to Columbus police after more than four months on the run.

Otis Perry is accused in a December 2014 fatal shooting.

The victim's name was Marquise Shivers and as news spreads of an arrest in connection to his shooting death, family and friends were relieved to hear of some type of progress in his case.

A makeshift memorial still stands in front of the house where Marquise Shivers was shot and killed in the 4000 block of 6th Avenue in Columbus. Several of his friends say in the four months since his death, it's like time stood still.

"It seems like it was two or three hours ago. He was a real loyal person and he went out his way to help anybody he was friends with," Jamal Watkins said.

Columbus police say Otis Perry is the suspect in this case. Detectives say he turned himself in to authorities around 4 a.m. Friday. Norman Quarles, who calls himself an uncle to the victim Marquise Shivers, heard the news of Perry's surrender early Friday morning.

"I was happy because Marquise was a popular young man and we didn't need two people to be killed," Norman Quarles.

Shiver was shot when a fight broke out during a birthday party on the street back on December 1st. Shortly after, police issued a murder warrant for Perry in connection to the murder.

"You have to face up to what you done and be accountable," Quarles said.

I spoke by phone with Shiver's mother, who lives in Washington State. She says an arrest helps to ease the pain of losing her son.

"I was very happy that he turned himself in and no violence with him being apprehended. I have a little closure but not much," Denise Shivers-Gibbs said.

The very emotional mother says life without her first born son will never be the same.

"I will never grieve, never. I cry everyday. Uncontrollable sometimes for hours," Shivers-Gibbs stated.

We were also told Shivers was married two years and had three kids at the time of his death.

It is not known if Shiver and Perry knew one another.

Otis Perry is scheduled to appear in Recorder's court Saturday morning at 8 a.m.

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