New smartphone service allows people to 'Blink' for convenient eye exams

New smartphone service allows people to 'Blink' for convenient eye exams

(WTVM) - We rely on smartphones for things such as staying in touch with loved ones, capturing memories through film, and now taking eye exams.

EyeNetra has created a smartphone-based service that allows people to take eye exams in the comfort of their own home. The service called Blink, priced at $75, sends a technician to your home with a set of smartphone-compatible tools.

The eye exam takes about 20 minutes to complete. Once test results are gathered, they are sent to a certified optometrist.

The main purpose of Blink is to detect if someone needs prescription glasses, and should not be used to replace optical emergencies. If a prescription is needed, it is emailed directly to you.

According to the website Digital Trends, the app is used to generate red and green beams of light, which are shined on a person's eyes to measure focusing errors by calculating the difference between the beams on screen and how much a person adjusts them.

An attachment is used as a phoropter (the device with multiple lenses patients look through and give feedback to the optometrist) to determine the strength of lenses needed.

Right now, Blink is only available in New York City, but, the company expects to branch out in the near future.

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