Mayor Tomlinson proposes salary plan for law enforcement

Mayor Tomlinson proposes salary plan for law enforcement

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus' mayor and other city leaders are proposing a salary restructure for police officers.

The new pay plan was discussed at the budget meeting Tuesday. In order to keep more officers in the department and improve morale, the plan involves giving officers regular pay raises throughout their career with the police department.

All officers would receive a $750 raise after one year, $1,000 after three years and it will continue to increase with the final pay raise in their 30th year.

"We're taking money that is already being used for wages in the police department and reforming it. Of course we're having to add to it. So we'll be getting rid of the signing bonus, which was not show to have much of an impact. In fact we lose 50 percent of officers the last installment of the sign in bonus," Mayor Teresa Tomlinson stated.

Mayor Tomlinson says this will also eliminate gap and overtime pay. The Columbus police department declined to comment on the potential new pay scale.

City council still has to vote on the plan. If passed, the pay raises will start July 1.

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