How to protect yourself against escaped inmates

How to protect yourself against escaped inmates

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Do you know what to do if you have a close encounter with an escaped inmate?

This question is timely after Muscogee County prison inmate Monquez Jackson walked away from sanitation detail at Granite Bluff Landfill off River Road on Thursday and escaped.

Things are now quiet in the Rivercrest Subdivision in North Columbus after an escaped inmate tried to take cover in the neighborhood.

Muscogee County Prison Warden Dwight Hamrick says safety and security for everyone involved is first priority. If you spot an escaped inmate, he advises you to first observe the person, report the inmate by calling 911, and don't try to track down or confront the person.

Hamrick says neighbors who spotted Marquez Jackson on Thursday did the right thing by staying away.

"He walked across the path of my front door and I just happened to see him, so we called 911 and they were in the neighborhood and responded very quickly," James Majors said.

Law enforcement officials were able to capture Jackson within three minutes of that call on Osprey Cove Drive.

Hamrick says there are certain procedures they follow when searching for an inmate. The detail officer is responsible for calling 911. Once that call is made, Columbus police and the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office are sent to the area.

A command post is set up and the Department of Corrections and the mayor are also made aware of the situation. In Thursday's case, K-9 units from Lee County, Ga., the Fugitive Squad and the Georgia State Patrol helped arrest Jackson.

"There was a very stout police presence so we felt safe," replied Majors.

The warden says a debriefing is held after every capture. He says their protocols worked on Thursday.

"We'll continue the same procedures that we do day in and day out," Hamrick said. "You got to realize we send about 385 inmates everyday and the last escape has been over a year ago. So it's rare that it occurs."

Hamrick also said the prisoners do not wear security monitoring devices. As for Jackson, he is sitting in the Rutledge State Prison.

The detail officers, who are city workers and not employed by the prison, are responsible for watching out for the inmates.

To sign up for alerts in you neighborhood using an emergency communication network, click here.

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