Fire House Subs provides grants to public safety departments

Fire House Subs provides grants to public safety departments

(WTVM) - If you've ever eaten at firehouse subs, pat yourself on the back because you've helped provide several million dollars in life saving equipment to hundreds of public safety departments across the country.

Thanks to Fire House Subs provided a $15,000 grant to Brownville and an $18,000 to Franklin, and both volunteer groups can safely outfit their responders.

"We call it personal protecting equipment, from helmets, jackets, boots it helps us go in and fight fires it's a barrier for us when we go out to help our citizens," Darrell Fixler said, volunteer from the Franklin Fire Department.

Fire House also awarded a $14,000 grant to The Columbus Fire Department to purchase a fire extinguisher training center to show businesses, civic groups and even daycares how to safely use it to save lives.

60 percent of the money used to fund the grants, come from firehouse customers, who buy buckets or make a donation at the register by rounding their check to the nearest dollar.

Firehouse grants are unique and extra helpful, because public safety groups aren't required to use their own funds to match the grant.

"Since 2005, firehouse subs public safety foundation has granted over 13 million dollars worth of grants to over 1,000 fire, police, EMS and Public safety organizations," Jacquelyn Guvvins said with the Fire house Subs Public Safety Foundation.

Fire House Subs was founded 20 years ago by the Sorensen brothers, who are both firefighters.

They started their foundation in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina.

Any public service safety department can apply for this grant and it will be reviewed by the foundation's board.

If you would like to apply for a grant please click here.

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