Exterminator discusses mosquito prevention tips

Mosquito prevention tips

(WTVM) - Mosquito season is here, and we have some suggestions for you to stay bite free.

Arrow Exterminators is a local company that uses a chemical treatment to kill mosquitoes around your home.

The company also says it's important to eliminate any standing water from such places as bird baths and buckets because they provide breeding ground for mosquitoes.

"People need to understand the severity of mosquitoes and the diseases they spread and certainly take the preventative measures to limit their chances, and get a professional pest control company out to actually do treatments to control the population of mosquitoes," said Jody Pate with Arrow Exterminators.

Even if you are not bothered by mosquitoes, Pate advises to have your home treated since mosquitoes carry diseases such as the West Nile Virus.

For more information about protecting yourself from mosquitoes, visit the American Mosquito Control Association's official website at


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