WTVM Editorial 5/1/15: Fort Hood victims receive long-awaited benefits

WTVM Editorial 5/1/15: Fort Hood victims receive long-awaited benefits

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – It's taken five years, but finally, the soldiers wounded in the shooting by the radicalized Muslim U.S. Army Major, Nidal Hassan, will get the medical and pay benefits they richly deserve.

You may recall the Obama administration refused to call Hassan's attack at Fort Hood in Texas - that left 13 dead and 30 wounded- a "terrorist attack."

Even though there was ample evidence that Hassan was corresponding with Al Qaeda leaders and declaring his allegiance to radical Islam.

Officially, it was called "workplace violence."

That outraged the soldier survivors and victims' families who should have been entitled to what's called "hostile fire compensation" for those wounded in the attack, and payment for retired soldiers with combat-related disabilities.

Now, thanks to an act of Congress, which awarded them each the Purple Heart medal, those benefits will be finally be theirs.

That's because the Fort Hood victims are now covered by a new law that says Purple Heart medals can be awarded to "members of the armed forces killed or wounded in domestic attacks inspired by foreign terrorist organizations."

It's about time.

The Fort Hood shooting was one of the worst domestic terror attacks in our history.

It proves that bravery in the military, whether it happens overseas or serving on bases like Fort Hood and Fort Benning, needs to be recognized in the way it counts most: by giving respect, benefits and care to those who do their military duty in a dangerous world.


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