Family of missing West Point man seeks answers from court system

Family of missing West Point man seeks answers from court system

Two years ago Sunday, James Garner of West Point disappeared after he was released from the Chambers County Jail. He had spent two days behind bars on a public intoxication charge.

Authorities performed a massive search effort for Garner, and the Chambers County Sheriff's Department says they followed protocol on attempts to locate him.

Now, the Garner family believes video has been overlooked and are turning back to the authorities for answers.

"It's just like he disappeared into thin air and I know that is not possible," explains his cousin Marc Garner.

On Thursday April 30, the Garner family and their lawyer appeared in front of a Chambers County judge asking for the security footage in its entirety of when Garner was incarcerated.

Records show Garner received medical treatment during that time.

"The video clearly shows he was disoriented and they should not have let him go so something happened from the time he was arrested to the time he was released," says Marc.

Attorney Eric Hutchins says the judge is allowing the family to consult with the sheriff's department to obtain more video.

Jail footage is erased after a certain amount of days and now the family is talking with an IT expert to try and retrieve the video from May 2013, but for a hefty price.

"I believe if they would have turned (the video) over at that time it, we wouldn't be in this situation now trying to find an expert to go back and track down that evidence we are looking for to see what really happened to my cousin," explains Garner.

The family is hoping this push for answers will give them some type of closure.

"If he is out there walking around or living somewhere else, or even if something has happened to him, we are just waiting on somebody to have a heart and come forward," says Marc.

We reached out to the Chambers County Sheriff's Department Friday who is not able to comment on pending legal matters.

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