One year later, Crawford residents says 'thanks' to emergency officials

One year later, Crawford residents says 'thanks' to emergency officials

CRAWFORD, AL (WTVM) - It's one year later, and the Crawford-Salem community in East Alabama have something to celebrate.

An EF-3 tornado devastated the area on April 29, 2014. On Saturday, May 2 residents came together for a special gathering.

Over 100 people in the community wanted a way to show their appreciation to those who helped out when the tornado struck their area.

Residents invited the Red Cross, the Crawford Fire Department and the Lee County Emergency Management Agency to a block party and cook-out located at 69 North in Crawford. This was all organized to show appreciation for emergency officials.

"There are so many people, I wish my arms were long enough to reach around them to tell them thanks for what they did for us. A lot of them I don't even know. If I see them now, but I am thankful for them," Lillie Gilliams said.

Many people left the neighborhood after the tornado and some chose to stay and rebuild. Homes were completely destroyed and the multiple agencies rushed to the residents to provide aid.

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