CSU students start petition for better parking

CSU parking woes

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The campus of Columbus State University is growing and while that's a great sign for the local economy, hundreds of students are upset about the changes in parking due to new buildings.

The school will be adding a new $25 million freshman housing complex opening fall of 2016. Students were sent an email about the growth and how parking lots 34 and 38 will be temporarily closing for the construction.

John Lester, spokesperson for CSU, tells us they want the school to be a place where students don't have to leave to get a great education.

"We're expanding shuttles and were trying to do better signage so people know where to park," Lester said. "But we're growing and we're becoming a university where you don't have to just drive in, go to class and leave. And that's what we want, we want you to bond with the university and get your degree."

But a group of current students are not happy. 

"Parking at CSU is a daily struggle for students," Chris Resch said

Resch is a junior biology student at CSU who started an online petition.

"I think by us raising our voice and raising our concerns, they can get that message and they hopefully head down a different path," Resch said.

As of Monday night, more than 230 people have signed and voiced their opinion.

Lester says they studied the plan before making the decision and added they don't have a parking problem, they have a parking convenience problem.

He says they understand the frustration but students and faculty don't have to pay extra for parking because it's already a part of their student fees. 

Campus wide shuttles are also available.  

Resch said he has no other issues with the school and adds there are great professors, but as a commuter he wants to see a change in the parking situation.

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