Former Muscogee Co. inmate calls for deputies' arrest

Former Muscogee Co. inmate calls for deputies' arrest

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Former Muscogee County inmate Christopher Russell says he was "brutally attacked" by two Muscogee County deputies in July 2013.

"After I got into the elevator, he hit me in the face with an apple, which was my snack. My only reaction was to try and grab the officer because by then he had hit me in the nose," explains Russell.

After the incident, Russell says he was treated and medically cleared by the clinic, then released from the jail after finding out his initial charges of theft by taking and robbery had been dropped two weeks prior.

"The scary part of it all was it was like they really weren't trying to stop," says Russell.

For the past two years, Russell has been out of work suffering from injuries he says he obtained in the fight.

"They determined I have a chipped bone in my shoulder, and some messed up cartilage in my neck, damage to my back and I have bad headaches now," says Russell.

Now with the help of the Columbus chapter of the NAACP, Russell is fighting for justice and asking for the arrest of the officers involved.

"Police officers should not have immunity for beating a person who had no business of being custody in the first place," explains President Tonza Thomas.

The investigation conducted by the sheriff's office revealed sufficient evidence that the use of force violated agency policy and guidelines.

According to documents, one of the deputies was fired shortly after the incident for unrelated reasons and the second deputy was suspended for three days.

"Two years later makes no difference. An injustice is an injustice and the statute of limitations has no run out yet and so in the essence of time the NAACP, because it a civil rights violation, we got off our behind and did something about it," says Thomas.

Muscogee County Sheriff's Office says they will be reviewing the case, but they stick by the employee disciplinary record filed in 2013.

The NAACP will present their case in front of city council at their next regular meeting.

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