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Columbus fire officials work out challenges of potential plane crash

Crash simulation, no actual disaster or injuries Crash simulation, no actual disaster or injuries

The Columbus fire cadets acted as injured passengers at the Columbus Airport on Tuesday morning.

They learned an important lesson as they laid on the ground, covered in fake blood. They had the chance to see what it's like to be the victim instead of the hero.
"You need those individuals because if you arrive on the scene and say notionally there's a victim over there, you don't get the same effect as if they'd have to look over there and see somebody covered in blood, laying a long side the road way," said Lt. Charles Herlth  with Columbus Fire and EMS. 
Every three years the FAA requires airports to conduct a crash simulation to test preparedness. With recent plane crashes drawing international attention, crash response has become a talked about topic. However, administrators at the Columbus Airport say they have done simulations to keep up preparedness for years. 
"I'm a traveler I'm concerned too, this is something that airports that have commercial airline service have had to do for decades," said airport director Richard Howell.
Columbus' first responders were told there would be a test, but they were not briefed on what the situation would be.

"If we tell them what we're going to do, they can prepare for it, and you don't get any accurate data that way," said Herlth. 
Fire officials say their main obstacle is that water hydrants are on the perimeter of airport property, forcing firefighters to set up a rotation system.
One truck worked to battle fake flames, while the other refilled, and the cycle continued. 
"We don't want to wait until we have the incident to figure out what resources we need and how the water's going to come. We have got to be prepared should an incident of this magnitude take place," said Herlth.

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