Mother cries out for justice in son's cold case

Mother cries out for justice for her son

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus mother is hoping someone will come forward with information about her son's cold case as his tragic death is approaching the one-year mark.

Robert "Morael" Brooks was shot and killed on August 2014, as he was shot in the kitchen from a barrage of bullet that riddled his grandmother's home on Gleason Avenue.

"He had just turned 20.  His birthday is coming up June 20," said Dionne Henley, Brook's mother.

Unfortunately, Brooks will not celebrate his 21st birthday.  His life ended tragically on Aug. 8, 2014.

"They shot that house up with no remorse. It could have been instead of me just losing my son, I could have lost my entire family," Henley said.

Brooks was the only one home by chance. On that dreadful night, Henley's mother, sister, nieces and nephews were supposed be at the now bullet riddled home on Gleason Avenue with Brooks. The sister who had planned to pick them up to take them to the home fell asleep and never made it.

Henley says an eyewitness in the case who first said he saw everything, but later recanted his story. Henley said she doesn't understand why police have not called that person into the police department to interview them about what he or she saw.

"Detective Tyner, who is the lead investigator in this case has done a lot, but it's going to take more than one person, one person is not going to be able to do this by himself," Henley said. 

Detective Tyner would not comment on that eyewitness, but did say what is needed to help crack the case.

"We've always inquired about a red vehicle, if someone would come forward with information about the owner of that red vehicle, I think it would put us closer to where we need to be," Tyner said. 

Tyner also said they have not stopped working on the case, but stressed the importance of anyone coming forward with any information. If you know anything about the case, contact Detective Tyner at (706)-653-3400.

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