BE THERE: Hardship applications for Muscogee County Schools

BE THERE: Hardship applications for Muscogee County Schools

COLUMBUS (WTVM) - The window of opportunity to submit hardships for the 2015-2016 school year in Muscogee County started May 4 and continues through May 18.

"A hardship is a request that comes to Muscogee County School District whereby the parent feels as if their child or children should attend a school that's outside of their normal school zone for some hardship condition," state Melvin Blackwell, Chief of Student Services.

In addition to filling out a form, the applications can now be submitted electronically on the district's website.

Manager of Student Services Devon Tucker said hardships are granted for valid reasons.

"One, you are an employee of the Muscogee County School District or if they have a sibling that's at another school and they want both children to be at that school," added Tucker.

According to the district, hardship requests will be automatically denied for the following reasons:

1. Inadequate documentation to support hardship.

2. No available seats due to class size restrictions at requested school.

3. The inability to accommodate all siblings.

4. The request is based on:

a. You are unhappy with or dislike your student's current assigned school.

b. The requested school would be more convenient due to its location.

c. School performance or state assessment scores.

d. Your student would like to play sports or extracurricular activities for the requested school.

If your hardship is approved, parents or guardians are responsible for getting the child to and from school every day.

No appeals for hardship decisions will be granted due to state-mandated class size restrictions.

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