Woman threatens deputies following an eviction order

Woman threatens deputies following an eviction order

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A woman has been charged after threatening two Muscogee County Sheriff deputies.

On Monday, May 4 officials arrived at the 4600 block of Rowland Avenue to execute an eviction order for Thomasina Hardy. Upon arrival, Hardy greeted the deputies with profanity and told them to get off of her property or they were going to "get it."

Hardy then charged at the deputies while carrying a brick in each hand in a threatening manner.

The deputies were able to get Hardy to the ground and get the bricks from her. During the incident, one deputy had a slight injury and was treated by medical professionals and released.

Thomasina Hardy was charged with aggravated assault, obstruction and terroristic threats and the case has been bound over to Superior Court.

The Muscogee County Sheriff's office has two deputies permanently assigned to conducting evictions with Muscogee County and sometimes they call for assistance depending on the situation.

The Public Information Officer Maj. Randy Robertson said, "These deputies are required to ensure that the individual and all of their belongings are removed from the property in questions based on a court order."

Maj. Robertson also says that they are just there to make sure the lien holder gets their property back as ordered by the court. Since the 2008 recession several sheriff deputies around the country have been murdered while conducting evictions.

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