Columbus holds prayer rallies for National Day of Prayer

Columbus holds prayer rallies for National Day of Prayer

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The country comes together Thursday for a time of prayer and fasting, especially those of the Christian faith.

The first Thursday of May is National Day of Prayer.

Many people in Columbus took time out their day to attend one of the many prayer events around town and throughout the country.

Annie Barclift, a task force coordinator, has been organizing National Day of Prayer for 10 years. She says this is a day people should specifically gather for a common purpose.

"Then there is a time when you need to come out and be among the people and be about the father's business to tell and share the things that he has shared with us secretly. In the midst of all these things we are going through that doesn't look right, all of this is going on for a reason to draw us closer to him. He saying come up higher, but were saying we want it that way, he said no go this way," said Barclift.

Another prayer event was happening at the Library on Macon Road. Together, Pray 431 and Calvary Chapel held their first prayer assembly. Those worshiping and praying say it a privilege to be able to pray so openly in our country.

"I love the fact that I live in America. My mother is from Guatemala so I know what's it like to have other nationalities in my family. We're privileged and honored to be able to come together in this government building and worship God and pray," said Pastor of Clavary Chapel, Mark Swift.

Just across the river in Phenix City, Epworth United Methodist Church also stopped for a moment to make their prayer requests known.

Although National Day of prayer is a yearly event, those here say prayer should not be limited to one day.

"Be in prayer everyday for our nation. Its not just the national day of prayer," said Pamela Shores.

And government leaders, abortion, and the school system were some of the issues that were prayed for on National Day of Prayer.

"We need prayer for the issue of abortion, the LGBT. We love all this people and we want to pray for them. Pray for the persecuted church, we have a pastor in jail in Iran because of his christian faith and also for the persecuted Christians in America today," said Swift.

"We can't look at the things we don't like or don't appreciate that's going on in our school system. We just got to begin to tell God thank you cause he said he's already done it," said Barclift.

National Day of Prayer began in 1952, when Harry Truman declared this day a national event. Barclift says prayer is needed more than ever these days.

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