Former cell mate testifies in Tiffany Andrews murder trial

Former cell mate testifies in Tiffany Andrews murder trial

Unemotional is how Amanda Collins described her former cell mate Tiffany Andrews, who she claims told her that she intentionally killed her husband.

Collins shared a cell at the Lee County Detention Center with Andrews, who's accused of being high on meth when she ran over her husband Fort Benning Specialist Michael Andrews while he was riding his motorcycle just off Highway 280 in Smiths Station July 1, 2012.

Collins reluctantly testified Thursday afternoon as a key witness for the prosecution.

"I didn't want anything to do with it anymore," says Collins.

Collins gave a statement saying she and Andrews formed a friendship and over time, Andrews told her she ran over her husband to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of life insurance money.

However, under defense cross-examination, Collins says she was pressured by the prosecution to testify against Andrews.

"She (the attorney) said if I was going to mess up her case, her trial, I was going to receive ten years to the 17 I already got," says Collins.

Jurors also heard from the suspect's neighbor, who said she witnessed two fights between the husband and wife prior to July 1, 2012.

"I heard screaming, it was that loud. So I ran outside just to see what was going on," said the neighbor.

The neighbor testified that after they yelled at each other, the victim took off running on foot and Andrews got in a car to follow him.

"She got in the car and I guess it was the anger. I could tell she wasn't going to just pick him up," explains the neighbor.

State Troopers who investigated the crash site say the evidence clearly shows Specialist Michael Andrews was killed when he was run over by a car.

The jury saw pictures of damage to the front bumper of Andrews' car.

They also saw pictures of imprints under the car that troopers say matched the blue jeans and belt Andrews was wearing the night he died.

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